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Otho "Glen" Clay 1890-1969
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From Germany to Virginia: Jacob Sheets of the Shenandoah Valley and his Descendants

This site is strictly for the use of the Sheets family and their extended families.

Welcome to the Sheets Family Website, where several of the family Genealogists have come together to maintain, improve, and grow our family tree. Together we can provide a group based consensus on the research and stories of our ancestors. Share research projects reaching further into our roots and where we came from. Enjoy learning about the lives of our ancestors through their stories, and recordings left behind. Let's remember those that have come before us recording the history, instilling the desires for us to learn more about our ancestral family.

Is there someone in your family that inspired you? Write a story about them and let us know. Does your family tree info need updated?
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Can you spell Sheets? Schüetz, Schütz, Schutz, Scheetz, Sheetz, Sheats, Sheets 

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